Website Design


I will be providing a Shopify Website Design service to those who are looking to start a store or just have a website platform to share their content and passions. This is NOT a branding service. I will just design a website with the pictures, mission, products, etc that the customer provides me. 

The price for this service will largely depend on the specifics of your site, with that being said the starting price for a website design like mine will be $600.

What does this service give you?

-A website designed to your liking 

-My personal contact information for any questions pertaining to your website once finished

-A platform for customers to buy your products

Once a website is deemed finished, I am no longer obligated to update, add, or continue working on the website. Any future work with have additional fees. If you bought my services I will answer any questions pertaining to a website I have built.


For further questions on pricing, specific work, and design feel free to contact me by email: