About Us

Smokey(Grandpa) Vernon(Dad) Drake(Me)

Where It Began...

Like your typical Midwestern family, I was raised in the outdoors. My earliest memories of the Whitetail woods were made up of spending time with my Grandpa Smokey in his homemade box stand. I remember like is was yesterday the time he accidentally shot the tree in front of us or the time he got us lost. These are the memories I wish I could relive through a video. It is this sentiment that lead to me creating BigMuddy Outdoors. I wanted to create an authentic archive of outdoor videos that I can show my grandkids one day. Over the last five years BigMuddy Outdoors has consistently evolved and is constantly improving. The mission is simple -To share my Passion of the outdoors through video in hope that it might inspire others to experience the Lord's creation.